Riviera Regime is the rap duo of Klee Magor & Benny Brahmz, two ex infantry-men that met on an Israeli army base in 1997 while both fighting in the legendary Golani Brigade of the I.D.F. Since then they have released three extremely rugged albums THUGZ OF WAR (2004), COLD BLOODED (2006), REAL SOLDIERZ RIDE (2008) under their own imprint Landmine Entertainment as well as Necro's Psycho+Logical-Records label, with the vast majority of the production done by Klee Magor. Both members are from North America, Klee Magor from Toronto, Canada and Benny Brahmz originally from Boston, Massachusetts. They both currently reside in Toronto, and yet consider themselves universal as they are constantly making moves. Riviera Regime have toured doing shows all over the world sharing stages with a list of legendary underground hip hop and hardcore artists. In 2006 they met Lord Ezec aka Danny Diablo in a Manhattan recording studio while working on the song "Desperados" together and over the course of time the three have fostered a tight friendship with each other as they all share a common Jewish heritage. Riviera Regime have paid many dues, either in the battle fields of war as front line soldiers that have seen real action, in the streets living through hard times and surviving the perils of a hood existence, or in the rap game slowly climbing their way up the ladder of success. Klee and Benny represent the hood struggle, with a blend of hardcore thug energy mixed with a street righteous message. Riviera Regime is due to release an album this year titled "Ill Regime Vol. 1" with Ill Roc Records.

Stay tuned.